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Playing with baboon for the first time


I am so happy to be here and I hope you all are doing great? Because I’m okay here, at least I am grateful for life and also hopeful for better days ahead.
May I use this opportunity to please thank @liasteem for organizing this beautiful contest, it’s my first post in this community and I am so glad that it is related to a good time in the past.
Whenever I hear of a memorable day, the visit I made five years ago always comes into mind. That has always remained a memorable day for me.
15th May 2015 was a memorable day for me. It was an adventure. And whenever I hear of adventure, I always want to explore no matter how scary or pleasant it might be. Guess what? I took that bold step and it will interest you to know that I visited one of the most popular places in Nigeria and that happen to be Nekede Wildlife park located in Nekede Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.
It was a memorable experience, let me tell you how it went so far.

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With my neigbhours

It was on one Sunday morning after coming back from service, the weather was so calm. And few of my friends along with a few neighbors visited the zoo.
It is situated at a distance of about sixty kilometers away from where I was lodging. When we got to the gate of the zoo, folks were much there and they were buying entrance tickets so we joined the queue as it was a necessity if we must enter the premises.
Some folks we met there were sharing their excitement about the visit to the zoo. We reached there at 11.30 a.m. We bought our tickets and went inside the zoo. There were a large number of people there.


This wildlife park garden was established in 1976 under the state Ministry of Agriculture as an animal park. The 10 hectares of reserved forest house various animals such as baboons, hyenas, monkeys, pythons ostriches, crocodiles, etc.









That day was memorable because for the first time I saw how a lion was fed with a live goat inside its cage. It was scary even though the lion was inside a big cage. I usually watch it on TV. But it was my first day to see it live.
That memory is always in my brain and I smile a lot whenever I remember how I withstand such a scary moment.

Another thing that happen that day was that I climb a horse for the first time in my life. It was a nice experience. I will never forget that day.

First time I climb horse

That date is marked on my calendar and it is also in my diary.
It was my first time seeing most wild animals for the first time, I won’t forget that day.


Sharing good memories is a happy thing, especially when they are unforgettable. I want to thank this community for giving me this opportunity to share this sweet experience of mind. And I want to invite three of my friends to participate in this contest. I want to invite @eliany, @ddwoskey, and @iddy to participate, thanks.
And please I want to use this medium to remind us all about #club5050, if you have not done it yet, you still have a chance to do it, I have done mine, and here is my Link. Thank you, I love you all.


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Nice post
Weldone sir....

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Congratulations, do you know that, this is one the greatest opportunity,so many people have been looking? You where fortunate to be there.
It is truly unforgettable moment.
Weldone sir.

05.11.2021 02:41

I know right..?😃, it was actually a scary day but i enjoyed it because i saw many animals live and happen to play with most of them.Thank you very much for visiting my page.

05.11.2021 05:59

beautiful and extraordinary memories you've ever experienced,, greetings success



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