As business models change and technological advances and solutions keep on surging exponentially, the need for data storage solutions is on the rise. The real demand is not on the availability of these services as database services abound numerously. The problem lies in the efficiency of these services with relation to security, decentralization, cost, scalability an other factors.
If you were to choose a database management service for your business or solution, the number of options available could be daunting and this choice overload could cause problems. Hence there is the need to find the ideal data management system solving the problems listed above.

Let us now highlight the main challenges faced by businesses when sourcing for data management solutions and a solution that solves all these problems.



Centralized data services are highly susceptible to data breaches and tampering of data


Scalability and resource usage limitations could hamper speed and quality of services


Data breaches due to insecure data management could cost lots of money losses for businesses


The cost of decentralized data management systems especially on the blockchain is currently outrageous



Bluzelle is a decentralized data network for dapps to manage data in a secure, tamper-proof, and highly scalable manner. Bluzelle is powered by Cosmos and its BFT technology Tendermint. Bluzelle is designed to be used by any dapp on any blockchain. Bluzelle plays a critical role in the advancement and adoption of Web 3.0. Its advanced data delivery network promises to protect businesses from data breaches, network failures, and performance troubles. Bluzelle serves as an “Airbnb of databases,” with developers paying for storage space and read/write to the decentralized database. Bluzelle provides fully decentralized data storage that combines the power of blockchain with the simplicity of traditional databases.


In centralized database services, data is created from an application and stored on one or two servers that can be located in a specific place. Using a centralized data store with a Dapp gives it one point to attack the system, hack the data, and take the database down.
With Bluzelle, the data is stored on a decentralized network of 13 or more nodes. Each of these networks is termed a DATABASE ZONE, and all ZONES are synced together. No node is a leader, ensuring that if a node is offline, the data is still available as all the other nodes have a copy. Additionally, because all the nodes are synced with a consensus engine, no changes can be made to the database unless ⅔(two-thirds) of the nodes agree. This decentralized model ensures that data is safe and tamper proof. Hence, there are no fears of data being tampered with.


So many database services face scalability limitations. As we highlighted at the beginning of the article, technological solutions are fast rising and businesses continue to grow exponentially, so there is the continual need for data storage management which could become overwhelming. Scalability limitations could affect performance and speed of a service as well.
On Bluzelle, providers rent out their extra computer hardware. This makes it cheaper to store and data is always available even if one or more nodes go down. Finally, as an application requires more storage, more database zones can be added, ensuring scalability without the developer needing to do extra work and provisioning.


In today’s digital world, security is the most prevalent concern. Businesses have to make sure that every bit of their data remains safe and at limited risk of cyber hacks and data breaches. Database breaches of highly sensitive information have led to the the loss of reputation of so many companies and a lack of trust in them.
Databases are the hidden workhorses of many companies’ IT systems, storing critical public and private data. Lately there has been an understandable and high-profile emphasis on data security. A data breach typically costs a company millions of dollars in losses and loss of reputation as well.
Bluzelle leverages the power of blockchain-like security, where data is accurate and only changed by the rightful owner. The decentralized mechanism ensures data is immutable. Changes can only be made by the rightful owner of the data.


Storing large amounts of data with blockchain based data storage services is quite expensive. And using centralized services would be risky as they are highly susceptible to breaches.
With Bluzelle, the challenge of expensive decentralized data storage systems is solved. By using outside resources, Bluzelle reduces it’s overhead and is then able to offer lower prices to developers.Data is stored in multiple nodes at no extra cost. The revenue generated by Bluzelle DB is then shared with the storage providers. This encourages others to become part of Bluzelle which leads to even greater global coverage. So incentivized participation on the network ensures reduced costs and effortless scalability as well.

Bluzelle is a real-time data storage service that will definitely revolutionize the data storage sector and provide solutions to businesses and data storage providers alike.

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