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When offered a job, there are certain important things to consider alongside the money. Pivotal questions to ask.

  • Is the environment friendly? This is in terms of working space and colleagues
  • Will this take up my personal time?
  • Will this give room for personal development and growth?
  • Am I allowed to give my own input?
  • Then you can go ahead to ask yourself if the pay will be worth the effort and energy you're going to expend.

Most often we just fall into this trap of a seemingly "juicy offer" in relation to taking up a job. From an external viewpoint the pay could be great.

But oftentimes at the end of the day, we end up drained and exhausted. Sometimes in a whole year we do not even have the time or luxury to spend the money we're working for.

Then there's another reason why we decide to just go for anything; the "I do not have a choice" reason.

You need that job, and that business needs to get started already; but let it not deprive you of your personal freedom, time and space.

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