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Steem engine trading bot

Hey y'all, haven't blogged in a while, been busy with coding, working and whatnot. I've learnt to code in the meantime and have published several scripts that many of you may find useful. In this post we'll be taking a look at my latest release, which is steem-engine trading bot.
You can find the bot at:
You can also go to my github and use whatever you see or find useful.
Now this robot will:
trade your coins for you
provide market liquidity
*if the market moves, provide you with a set return

This bot will not:
predict the market
guarantee you returns

this bot has two inbuilt trading features and two side features that are useful.
The first feature is long:
the long feature will buy a steem-engine coin from the market and resell said coin for a higher price.
long.png(sorry for potato)s you can see in the picture, the robot buys 0.53393986 WEED token for 0.06298999 STEEMP then resells the same ammount of WEED for 5% higher price. If someone comes along and buys the token for the higher price, then the bot makes profit.

The second feature is short:
the short feature will sell a steem-engine coin to the highest bidder, then buys back the same coin for a cheaper price, thus getting more tokens
short.png(sorry for potato)
Tthird feature is bundling orders:
If the bot creates a order that has the matching price of an old order, it will bundle those orders togheter. Meaning it will cancel old orders and generate a new bigger order.

The fourth feature is renewing all orders after x cycles:
If you publish a order on steem engine it doesn't stay there forever and will expire a month after creating the order. So to mitigate that I have coded a feature to renew all orders on the coins that the bot is trading on. This is a configurable feature that the user can configure in the config.js file.

Now this was a quick overview of my trading bot, you can find all the installion notes on github and if you have any more questions, you can ask them in the comments below. I hope to create many more useful bots for the steem ecosystem in the times to come. Have a good day!

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