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temple of the Cat : the first rule of cat-club

Well the first rule of cat-Club is the same as having a sexual-romantic relationship : if you're smart , then
"she" is always right but


the other first rule of cat (maybe dog too but i dont know that although i know a few who live by it) is : catfood FIRST

if you don't, then dont 'get' a pet ... its not a thing

looks like it will take a while to get me $100 to buy catfood for the shelter but that's all fine , im not here to save the planet and i wont be until i have six or seven figures in my bank account .

For saving teh world and teh waehl i suggest dial : people who can just throw 100k at this thing while they could have saved a whale

...not me ... i'm a dirt-poor guttertrash bum

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