temple of the cat : science plan ...


who's studying who ?

with the downvote-cartels already forming, good luck downvoting my 10 cent posts, which are 5 cent posts now if you feel its not #steemit or im not licking your ass fast enough but i sure as hell will not throw money at promotion if anyone at all who thinks it competition can just click my $100 away ... WHO THE HELL WOULD DO THAT ? i know who would do that ? the inner circle would do that as they will be dictating whats allowed and whats not

so if @ubasti savings ever reach $100 in sbd i'll buy all catstuff for the catshelter with it ... it seems to be wasted on humans anyway, if this is a social experiment and its a mirror of society then we see questions answered RIGHT NOW to which everyone already knew the answer but fails or refuses to acknowledge :)

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