temple of the Cat : nightwatch

Daammmm, i miss my little Shiva ... good thing bo-chan defender of the realm forgets quickly, it was so delightful walking with both of them at night ... it still is, but i just have to think about her every single time ... never forgotten


never forgive ...

... when i get 100 dollar worth of sbd here i'll use that to buy catfood for the local catshelter, my word is good for that, but im not promoting or campaigning - it will take as long as it takes

thanks for the supports (hah ...lol ya, bon, busy ...)

yea im trying to make this a sundaything so i can mix it in with my sunday things in one go

what ? you there? what ? yes, i know, you're a psychopath, psychopaths don't like animals ... so ? you just go overthere and i'll be overhere, okay ?

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