Temple of the Cat : Freya's little helper:

Defender of the Realm ... cats do not care for names or titles


I often think

it IS a blessing from the gods ... to be able to be so close to ... what to call it ? nature ? alien consciousness?

a gift from the witch herself ... the original Nord one, the one who lead the church of Rome to bane cats to the point where in small outskirts they are still considered nuisance , while basically they do nothing but useful

Magical creatures from Egypt to the North

It doesn't even come close to the two of them, and even less to when i had all five, the amazing bit is i never "trained" them to do so, they just , i don't know

it's like they accepted me as one of them from the start ...

And even now, i bet there's people ... 'humans ... who would scorn the witch for walking with cats after dark :p


... when i get 100 dollar worth of sbd here i'll use that to buy catfood for the local catshelter, my word is good for that, but im not promoting or campaigning - it will take as long as it takes

thanks for the supports (hah ...lol ya, bon, busy ...)

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