temple of the cat : cameo, Hinezumi-kun


well, lets not waste time on it, if you were actually following this you would know by now, if you werent and you're interested you can scroll down

if you're not, its a waste of my time as im gonna do what im gonna do anyway

Hinezumi-kun eats from the same pot, so he can do his part on the matter ...

if you dont believe me, get an €80 sony cam and this close

thats how LUNA-tic i am

all the creatures of the night come down to great me in the middle of the corn-fields
the cats
the bats
the spikey things and things with sharp teeth that live in the field and have evolved smart enough to never show themselves
under the light of LU na ...
this is respect to the witch of the south but you know where im at .. this might be the first withdrawal to cash i'll ever make on steem

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