The NFT industry presents Itsmyne


NFT is a unique digital media that can sold, bought or kept by individuals. Telegram
The platform gives authentic NFTs from the original sources. Get up on your feet and claim unbelievable moments from your favorite games, players, etc. It is a green platform because it makes use of the Near Blockchain which is a climate-neutral Blockchain. The platform has carefully sorted out their Blockchain future through the Near protocol as it uses two million lesser energy than Ethereum-based NFTs. Every team or player selected to partake in Itsmyne platform has benefits in store for them, and will experience faster communication with their fans.
Collectibles are not only appreciated by children. The sports collectibles that we traded in schools were the most longed-for activity. Sports as a social experience, joining and taking us along as kids has collaborated with an entirely unique experience, NFT. NFTs will helps bring sports, an experience in itself to the online world. This will be done through marketplaces to be able to break the social experience. Twitter
The first real representation of NFTs was through digital collectibles. Sports' cards and other collectibles you could think of has always been an active part of a dedicated fan's life. And, luckily enough, the sports collectibles industry presents an affordable price to the community with high demand of the products. Here, you can see the love for digital collectibles which can similarly be brought to sports fans through NFTs. Now that it is digital, issues that has been faced in the previous collectibles will be taken care of, and members will find the digital collectibles more attractive. Since the Blockchain technology is known for its security, counterfeiting and illegal activities will be reduced with digital collectibles. Medium
Itsmyne platform hopes to soon list licensed NFTs on their marketplace for users to trade, and the risk of unlicensed NFT been traded and copyright issues will be reduced. Fans can also buy a special part of the clubs that they love, and they will be able to enjoy a wonderful experience through it. Ticketing in sports now face issues such as forgery and legitimacy issues. But, with Blockchain, all those problems will be solved since Blockchain is secure. The process of ticketing involves a lot of resources and damage to the environment, but this will be the total opposite with Itsmyne. Website Some sporting events have even been able to experience the NFT gaming experience. In the past, we have seen a combination of sports and gaming, and this has strengthened the sense of ownership in gamers. Fan tokens can turn out for the good for sporting teams, and be a source to their added income. These can be purchased by fans to give them a sense of inclusivity in the decisions of the teams, and make them stand out, of course. Fan tokens is something that we can trace to the past, and the response gotten was worth it. Therefore, fan tokens that are based on NFTs will make the whole process more secure and simpler. Reddit


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