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Blockchain has opened up a whole new world for us, and ushered us into the crypto space as easily as ever. This was done through bitcoin that was created by Satoshi. Users can now store their tokens without the fear of it being stolen by the owner. This way, the buyers are indirectly the owners because they can now control their own money.
Blockchain has brought about so many projects where the users can enjoy many benefits from them. Pitch finance has a different function in the crypto space, which is to serve as a form of blockchain to other early projects. They will help startup and guide early projects in the crypto space, just like how the Blockchain functions in housing a project. Pitch finance is an investment accelerator that can be found in the Blockchain world, so it also benefits the projects and individuals that involve themselves with it. Pitch finance's ecosystem is a promising one as it finds and funds upcoming projects, so the investors that invest in the platform will benefit not only from the platform's token, but also enjoy the successful rate of some upcoming projects.
1 billion PFT tokens will be issued on pitch finance on a BEP20 network on the binance smart chain. 35% of the PFT will go to the community during public and private sales. The public sale already ended on the 6th of October 2021, with a hard cap of 150 BNB, with 55% of it allocated to the Pancakeswap liquidity pool where it will be locked for 90 days. 29% of PFT tokens will be locked at pink sale finance.
Pitch finance finance utility token is a utility token built on the BSC network. About 1billion of the tokens will be minted. Take a look at the token supply distribution:

  1. Presale
  2. Liquidity
  3. Locked
  4. Unlock
    The PFT token is the native currency of pitch finance which will serve as the launchpad for other cryptocurrencies displayed in the platform. The success of the project doesn't only depend only one person, but the community and the platform's team who have to work together for the prosperity of the platform.
    Functions of PFT
  5. Trading: Token holders can have a good time holding the PFT token and benefiting greatly from it. The PFT will be available for trade with other tokens on listed exchanges. As long as the valuation of PFT increases, so does the profit of the token holders. They can exchange their PFT token for other tokens of their choice with a low transaction fee, all thanks to the binance smart chain network.
  6. Utility: The PFT token is a utility token, so it will take care of many activities in the pitch finance platform. Users can turn to PFT when they want to carry out certain activities in the platform. Through the use of PFT, users will be able to vote for projects and influencers affiliated to pitch finance. The PFT also has an important role to play in the development of the project in the future.


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