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The Blockchain technology has provided heard with different services that isn't available in centralized system of finance such as full control of your lonely, security, low fees etc. At the time of introduction of Blockchain by bitcoin, it wasn't as progressive as it is currently. The Blockchain technology seems to grow every year as it comes up with new innovations from time to time e.g Decentralized Finance(DeFi). Blockchain is no longer only used in financial systems, but has spread to almost all the aspects of living.
Zac Finance is a financial development platform which is backed up by Blockchain and DeFi. It is managed by the ZAC Token. It is a DeFi project that features different DeFi products to increase users gains on the platform. Its aim is to develop the financial system and find solutions to the challenges it faces using Blockchain network.


ZAC Products available on the ecosystem

  1. ZAC Token: It is a utility token used by Zac Financial ecosystem. This token will support the different products available on the project and also offer swapping and transfer of value features. ZAC Token has already been registered on Uniswap and has a current pair which is ZAC/ETH. 1 ZAC is equal to $7.99195182.
  2. Z-Stake: Users can stake their crypto holdings to a wallet and receive rewards back to their wallets after some time.
  3. Z-Swap: This helps users to swap their tokens faster and at a cost-effective price.
  4. Z-Farm: Users can also become LP and earn rewards from contributing to the liquidity of a pool.
  5. Z-Trade: It is a stable coin exchange that lets users trade their coins easily.
  6. Z-Vault: This feature provides the community with quality yield strategies.
  7. Z-Vote: This lets users vote on-chain. The data can not be edited by any other person as it is going to be secured on the Blockchain network.


Zac Finance displays it's decentralized nature more by allowing its users decide on the allocation operations of the team. Other DeFi projects simply decide on the allocation they should be given by themselves without the decision of their users. This feature of Zac Finance has developed trust and hope in the platform by the community, because no ordinary DeFi platform would take the step which Zac Finance has taken. Zac Finance is gradually growing and soon when the ecosystem booms, it will be highly recognised and appreciated by the society.

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