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Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain have gradually been accepted into our everyday lives, and more people are found everyday, trying to know how the crypto world works. #cryptocurrency Although, traders would make it seem like there are no problems experienced in the crypto industry, there are many challenges faced daily, and some of the DeFi projects found in the crypto industry are scams or have one problem or the other. #defi New projects are therefore introduced to bring an end or offer a solution to the challenges that can be seen in the crypto industry.
What is Reed Elsevier? We all know how social investments work, and the Reed Elsevier platform is an example of a social investment platform looking to provide economic and financial freedom to users of their platform. #reedelsevier
About Reed Elsevier: This is an advanced platform whose idea was originally brought up in December 2020, but was originally introduced in January 2021. This DeFi platform offers its users reliable and accessible business options. The objective of the DeFi platform is to create an earning medium for traders who have held a coin for so long or investors. It is a fully decentralized platform that transacts assets between customers, RELX, companies etc. One important feature on the RELX platform is Your Swap which can be used as a governance structure that puts creativity and technological development first, thereby presenting the capabilities of blockchain to the society. #RELX


Roadmap of the Reed Elsevier platform

  1. The platform was first studied, and the reasons and objectives for creating it was analayzed —In December 2020.
  2. Efforts were now carried out to make the platform and website working —In January 2021.
  3. Reed Elsevier started their bounty to give free tokens to their community —In February 2021.
  4. Exchanges listed the RELX token on their platforms(P2Pb2b) —In March 2021.
  5. The platform's app will be published in April 2021.
    Token details
    This platform's token is known as RELX, and is built on the Binance Smart Chain network with a BEP-20 type of token. #BEP-20 The RELX token has already been listed on exchanges such as Pancakeswap and Bakeryswap. Its total supply is 10 million RELX.
    Conclusion: In general, social developments can be traced to financial investments, and this is one of the most direct way to achieve this. As technology keeps developing, it made the whole processes less stressful and easier for individuals, and this allows investors from different levels to invest, no matter his/her capital. Reed Elsevier is doing a good work in the crypto space, as it is the DeFi project striving to push the adoption of social investments to the crypto community. RELX assures its community of a handsome profit after their investment with them. With the way different DeFi projects are available in the DeFi space, and not fulfilling their goals to their community, the RELX platform would be a good option for investors looking for long term DeFi platforms. It is hoped that this DeFi platform would stay for a long time in the DeFi space.

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