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Poltergeist Exchange(All about privacy coins)


Poltergeist Exchange is a crypto exchange that was made distinctively for privacy coins. And, they obviously respect the anonymity of both their members and the coins. This platform was launched few days back, yet it has started showing the many benefits it can offer to their members. They are not a part of ONION, which is a good thing as it is not a kyc exchange which makes it easier for traders to trade without any risk control set for them in their own trade. This is where the privacy of the platform begins to set in.
Features of the Poltergeist Exchange

  1. Its team is one strong family that is built on experience and skills. Mistakes are carefully avoided by the team because they know exactly what they do. They all have an idea of how Blockchain, digital assets and finance is handled, so the traders have nothing to fear.
  2. Anonymity at its best is what users get to enjoy on this platform. All they have to do is to get registered on the platform by creating an account, and begin to trade anonymously on the account.
  3. Low fees is another exciting feature on Poltergeist. Most times, investors run away from some productive platforms because of their fees as they use their fees to extort the funds of the investors meant for trading. Traders can trade with fees as low as 0.015%, and at the end of the day, still smile to profits from the trades depending on their skills and knowledge.
    This platform is on a mission to totally transform the way values are exchanged online. A beta version of the platform was launched in late January 2021, and the recent decentralized cross chain exchange version will be launched in late December 2021. Traders have a right to privacy, and Poltergeist plans on fulfilling this for them through their platform.


The platform's token
The name of the platform's token is known as GAUL, and most of the benefits and features are experienced through the platform's token, GAUL. The holders of GAUL earn 100% of all the trading fees paid. Voting rights are also enjoyed by the holders, and they can use this as an opportunity to have a say in the governance of the platform just like in other platforms. POS rewards will only be enjoyed in the later version of the platform which is the cross chain privacy exchange that will be launched at the end of the year. GAUL will be the only exchange on the platform just for a short while before other exchanges join it when the ERC20 network is changed for the main network of the platform. Have in mind that users can also stake their tokens, and receive prize bets from doing so. 2021 will be a very productive year for Poltergeist as it is going to be taking a reasonable volume of the privacy coin trading volume. We are hoping to see Poltergeist Exchange as one of the most trusted and secure crypto exchange for privacy coins someday.

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