MegaBSC: For the BSC'ans by the BSC'ans


Ever heard of a DeFi project created by the community and used by the community itself? Here it is; MegaBSC platform. This platform is one of the first platforms ever to be a hybrid DeFi alliance project(BSC and Polygon Network). It was created to meet market demands for higher security in the aspect of digital transactions. The MegaBSC project is a powerful ecosystem that consists of a combination of e-commerce and digital contents. The community will be made up of different people such as investors, partners, users, etc. It will be a very safe and comfortable place for the community. It is a social e-commerce platform that focuses on the young. The social platform helps start-ups ranging to youths to have a meaning behind their products. MegaBSC believes that a good content is quite important, and can make a strong impact. Their blog content marketplace will connect a number of businesses to a quality blog at a cost-effective price. For crypto lovers that may want to bring their Bitcoin wallet to their browser, the latest version of MegaBSC wallet will make that possible for them. The MegaBSC platform is excited to present to their community, a Bitcoin wallet that lets themselves send them Bitcoin to others through their email address. MegaBSC wallet can be used whenever Bitcoin is to be sent to family and friends.


Features of MegaBSC

  1. Exchange: The platform is used mainly for trading cryptocurrencies among traders. Trading fee is usually deducted(0.2%), and a small portion of it goes to liquidity providers as incentive.
  2. Farming: This is the AMM of MegaBSC. Users will deposit tokens Inyo the liquidity pool to farm and receive benefits in reward. Some of the features are:
    The payment of rewards in tokens of affiliated partner platforms.
    Payment of rewards with the platform's token for users that hold a leverage position.
    Low trading fees for farmers.
    Rewards for farmers.
  3. Staking: It is a process of depositing Meg tokens in a liquidity pool, and locking it for a period to be able to prove staking transactions on the blockchain network. Good incentives are guaranteed to participants(stakers). Users can stake the Meg tokens and receive other tokens in return. Rewards gotten from staking can be withdrawn by the users at anytime.
  4. Referral: This program is used to reward the users for caring about the growth of the platform by inviting friends and family to join. 2% reward is usually given to users when the invited person earns.
  5. Leveraged yield farming: Here, farmers provide liquidity to special liquidity pools on the AMM protocol, and they are rewarded for doing so. The reward includes the share of trading fee which is normal for liquidity providers in the AMM.
  6. Launchpad: This program will help users to launch their projects in a hybrid pool on the BSC network. The program will be secure enough to carefully pick projects that are good enough for the investors to choose from


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