Introduction to Rabbit Finance


Yield farming is an exciting way to receive more cryptocurrency with your current crypto. It has to do with you lending crypto to other users via smart contracts. DeFi rewards these users by giving them more cryptocurrencies for their services. Yield farmers make use of complex strategies by shifting their crypto from one lending platform to another in order to increase their profits. They would also keep the best of their yield farming private. This is because as more people learn about a particular strategy, the more the strategy becomes less productive.

How do users get their yield?
Yield farming is similar to AMM, and has to do with liquidity pools and Liquidity Providers. The role of a liquidity provider is to put funds into a liquidity pools which will be later used to trade tokens, and lending and borrowing services.
Users ask about where their yield is gotten from, as it is necessary for the user to know where a DeFi project gets their yield from.
In Rabbit Finance, the yield is gotten from the users' involvement in the liquidity pools. A user on Rabbit Finance can either be a lender or a yield farmer to earn rewards from the yield farming.
—Lender earn rewards in RABBIT, and through interests from borrowers when they pay for open leverage yield farming.
—Yield farmers get their yield from the trading fee of the pool they are involved in. The poop could also go be them rewards such as Pancake token in the PancakeSwap. Farmers can earn rewards in RABBIT when they have a leverage position.


The platform's token
The platform's token is RABBIT, which is a governance token. There will be many benefits whenever the RABBIT token is involved in any activity on the platform. The total supply of RABBIT is 200 million RABBIT. Users of Rabbit Finance can earn their token by participating in four different services. The users can decide to be lenders, farmers, bounty hunters or liquidators.
The RABBIT token is already available for sale in PancakeSwap as RABBIT-WBNB pool. RABBIT token is also hoped to be listed in various DEXs and CEXs with time.


Conclusion: Rabbit Finance has taken corrections from different DeFi projects in the DeFi space, and also made use of different advantages from other DeFi projects such as the Badger Finance when it comes to their over-leveraged yield farming products. The token of the platform presents more applications than the platform, so users should hold the token for greater benefits and rights on the platform.
Rabbit Finance has a belief that over-leveraged farming will be the next big thing in the DeFi space just behind DEX and lending protocols.
The vision of Rabbit Finance is to serve as the Federal Reserve of DeFi especially when it comes to giving the community equal rights and commercial stability. Rabbit Finance wouldn't be a simple over-leveraged yield farming project, but will also be backed up by blockchain system, and be decentralized. The role of Rabbit Finance goes far beyond the roles expected from the Fed Reserve.

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