DeGeThal: Integration of Crypto and Fiat assets


What could be better than been given the opportunity to spend your crypto and fiat currency simultaneously and in the same place? The DeGeThal platform would see to it that their users can easily transfer and make payments using their DeGeThal wallet that contains both crypto and fiat currencies.
The world at large have a good number of people who have no access to financing services, meanwhile the use of mobile phones is quite higher. DeGeThal will create an opportunity for people like this, so that they can be a part of the revolution.
DeGeThal Exchange
The DeGeThal exchange is a significant part of the platform's ecosystem, and it was created to give users the opportunity to carry out safe exchanges.
Since DeGeThal has an e-banking license, the users are DeGeThal will be given rights and restrictions will be avoided in certain trades carried out by them. The goal of the exchange is to present trading in the most honest way to prevent scams. Trading platforms answer to the requirements that have been set by regulators for exchanges to be successfully carried out. Since the platform has the users in mind, technical analysis and tools will be provided for them for better trading experience. To bring out the best in users' trading, online seminars guiding the cooperation with the trading platforms will be held, including instructions to be followed when working with CEX/DEX. Educational online seminars will also not be left out to educate the users on blockchain and its applications.
The goal of the DeGeThal exchange is to not only create an integrated ecosystem, but a loyal one at that. Organizing educational seminars will help popularized cryptocurrency and digital assets.
Features of the exchange

  1. With time, more trading pairs will be added to the exchange to create more room for profits and opportunities.
  2. For the advantage of traders, technical analysis and technical indicators will be provided to both expert and beginner traders.
  3. The exchange allows users to securely access their accounts when they log out and log back in. A PIN will be set by users that will only be accessed by them.
  4. Trading instruments like long/short position will be available on the exchange for users.
  5. The user can deposit either crypto or fiat in their exchange account.
  6. Any trades carried out on the platform's exchange can be done in crypto or fiat.


DeGeThal's token is also an aspect of the ecosystem, and will add more ways to earn on this DEFI ecosystem. The platform is a DEFI project that will offer a numerous banking and financing services that will be backed up by their e-banking license. The ecosystem consists of a wallet where users can connect their bank ATM cards and bank accounts to, an NFT platform, an exchange that permits the exchange of fiat currency and crypto, and a gateway where payments made in crypto and fiat will be accepted.

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