DeGeThal Decentralized Thaler


This platform has bridged the gap between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies for better chances at carrying out transactions around the world. With this platform, anyone can access financial services irrespective of religion, nationality, and education. The main responsibility is to make sure that financial services used by their members are accessible by bringing together a variety of financial products under their ecosystem. They will unify crypto and fiat assets and create payment gateways where transactions can be carried out by members. DeGeThal is trying to bring solutions to problems that the modern financial industry had caused the rest of the population. This will be possible through hybrid solutions of crypto and fiat that will be used in the intermediate level and in platforms.


This platform was introduced in 2021 by IT experts who happen to be veterans and business managers. The goal of DeGeThal is to provide a universal ecosystem that is recognized and appreciated by their users and will feature many user cases, but will not be dependent on traditional financial industry tools. Its universal nature will make the platform accessible to anyone around the world. Since fiat assets are inaccessible to some people, digital assets will help assist in solving global problems and create a fair economic environment.
The DeGeThal ecosystem

  1. Wallet: The DeGeThal wallet can store different types of cryptocurrency and fiat, and allow users to store and transfer their assets whenever they want. The wallets are usually connected to users' bank accounts and bank cards to create more connection between cryptocurrencies and fiat. This connection will allow users to make payments anywhere around the world and even withdraw money from ATMs. The wallet is an important part of the DeGeThal ecosystem. There is a feature available in the wallet that allows users to track transactions made.
    The wallet will allow users to choose a specific account where funds will be debited by using the drag and drop option. When it happens that there are insufficient funds in the account chosen, the money will be debited from the second, third or fourth account.
  2. An Exchange with a liquidity pool: The DeGeThal platform will create an exchange in the future that will allow for the exchange of digital assets in the platform's wallet.
  3. NFT marketplace: Users will be given the opportunity to sell and promote NFT assets and will create more use cases of the DeGeThal ecosystem.
  4. Staking system: This rewards holders of the platform's token, DTM. Users who participate in the staking system of the platform will have benefits and bonuses in certain activities carried out in the platform.
  5. DeGeThal token: This is also an important part of the DeGeThal platform that brings together the different parts of the platform into one.
  6. Payment gateways: This will make it easier for cryptocurrencies to be accepted and adopted in different aspects of financial activity.
  7. Personal blockchain: Having a personal blockchain will make things easier for the platform as transactions will be carried out faster and cheaper.


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