Where is God Living?


Talking about God, it is not easy to describe God in a simple term in human language. But, one can attempt to say that God is a colossus of a Force that is mysterious to the mind. He is neither physical nor organic. God uses a form of radiation to influence all things, and thus, permeates all fabrics of the universe. He controls all happenings and minds of men like one playing a chess though, he allows some autonomy to man to some extent.

Almost everyone will say that God lives in "heaven" up above the sky, if asked. This though may be plausible way back before the space age. Now that space expeditions have taken man far beyond the common sky, one could be more curious about the true residence of God.
The truth is that God is not just residing above the sky. By the way, we ought to have known that there are several thousands, or rather millions of objects and locations in the universe, and that our earth is just a very small portion of the universe.

How far then can one travel up the sky, or "heaven" for one to reach where God resides? The fact is that anyone trying to see God by going far above the sky, or travelling into space, no matter how far, will be disappointed and frustrated. God is simply everywhere, even in the room you are planning to make the journey.

You can therefore not travel to any spot in the entire universe, either far above or down below the earth and see God's place of abode. This is because God is spirit! You can only capture God in your mind or see the things he has created to know of his existence. No one can literally see a spirit. It is only by imagination that one can see what appears like a spirit.

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