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The Unseen Hand

Inside the darkness
Darker than a starless night
Blacker than the thickest cloud
The space disappeared
The eye became powerless in
Performing its role

The only clear thing was
The nothingness of nothing
Pure darkness engulfed everything
No door was open
Every hope took flight
The heart was to fail
Death became visible
Mere nothingness held sway
Nothing to cling on to
Efforts were fruitless
Harvest was negative -
A debilitating backward integration

Yet, in that blinding darkness
In due season
Unknown to any mind
The unseen Hand moved
When all hope took leave
Then, came the light
Silver lining appeared
Radiant and glorious
The darkness took flight
Flowers replaced thorns
Ash made way for gold
Joy took over,
In place of sorrow
The night of weeping replaced,
With a morning of joy
The mighty Hand brought
Smiles in a cheerless zone
Without consultation with man

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