The Dream of our Youth

Faces beaming with smiles
Depicting a great hope
Yesterday was sweet
Remembered with nostalgia
It was assuring
Tomorrow then, seemed clear
Indeed, very bright
"The dream of our youth"

Assertive steps
Aided by youthful blood
Were audible to the deaf
Expectations -
So real, the blind may see
Everything could feel the vibration
You may even touch it
"The dream of our youth"

Done with convocation
And departure from school
Nothing else mattered
But, actualising the dream
The struggle and the wait followed
As days beget donkey years
Many friends rolled into oblivion
"The dream of our youth"

The post-school reality
Who could believe it,
Save he who feels it?
Jobs when they came offer little
Yet, demands climbed the Kilimanjaro
Strength to climb
Remained at zero level
"The dream of our youth"

To survive, offences escalated
Cheats and robbers
Assassins and ritual murderers
Formed the cream of the new society
Honest means of living dwindled
And, scorned by the changed society.
Who stole it?
"The dream of our youth"

Smiling faces of the yore
Turned stony and gloomy
Who could stop the grey hair,
Until the dream comes home?
Only one or two felt the dream
For the majority,
Hitting the chord remained a dream
"Oh! The dream of our youth"

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