The baby's unspoken words


The uterine atmosphere was peaceful
General condition, excellent
Sleeping was very real
Lack of essentials, unknown
God's hand held sway
A paradise of sort
Curiosity beget my urge
To survey the outside world

Harsh realities met my out stepping
Yelling saved not
Unfriendly weather!
A regime of successive problems
My parent-hosts did their best
Service was their prime
In spite of their love
Battles lined the way

I cried out for help
"Unfathomable," they said
"Bunkum," I replied -
A language barrier situation

Both physical and unseen forces
Demand a pound of flesh
Sweat glands overflow
Beyond the scope of the wiping hand

Everyone bore a cross
The heavier for the majority
One must bear one -
An uncomfortable task

"Pick one, Little one
Carry it along your path
Your stars will shape it
And welcome to the world".

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