In the Beginning


Having surmounted unbelievable mountains
Achieving pure wonders in research
Surprising even himself by his feats
The scientist has laboured over the years
Putting in his best to unravel creation
In sophisticated laboratories
With every available supersonic gadget -
Has travelled to the largest libraries
Climbing from one heap of books to the other
Searching cover to cover, the seasoned authors
Variegated hieroglyphics studied
Every pin of archeology questioned
Every object appealed to
Yet, destination is still far
Away from sight

Rather, hypothesis has been tabled
With appearance of reason
Which proves a mock to the brain
Scientific logic has not helped
Even hard work has nearly proved useless

But, one thing has stood out
Like a sore thumb
Refusing to disappear
And lacking in scientific reasoning
Yet, points to the truth
If accepted, the frustrating search ends.
The simple truth -
"In the beginning, God created..."

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