Democracy Mirage


We started before the first cockcrow
With a hope that crystallised into faith
The plain stretched out wide
Far ahead, the sky merged with the land
The sun had become soft and red
When we saw a mountain

"Oh! Just behind the mountain!"
After the mountain, we saw another
"Probably, just after that"
Alas! Mountain after mountain we climbed
"Can we go back?"
Just then, we saw a river

"If only we could swim over."
Quickly, we girded our loins,
Swam across, only to meet another
Lo! River after river we swam
"We must go back now"
Then, we sighted a forest -

Traversed it with our last bit of faith
Yet, another forest!
Many left at this point
With a bye in their eyes
And forest after forest we traversed
At last! At last ...

There we were!
We saw, touched and embraced it
So much sacrifice for it
To rest with a smile -
A blanket of disappointment
Amidst a rain of uncertainty

Robbery and assassination,
Corruption and poverty,
Violence and hate,
Our lots still
"Is this democracy?"

Our woes continued -
Religious bigotry
Sectional dichotomy
Tribal sentiments
Shades of nepotism
"Is this democracy?"

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