Abattoir's Courtroom


Here comes the march
Leading to death
Accompanied with whiplashes
And unprovoked callousness
The prey leads the procession
Aware of the harsh treatment
But, unaware of the offence
"Guilty or not guilty?"
The accuser is the prosecutor
As well as the judge
It's the human will

No crime is evident
Yet, the accused must die
Might is right!
The accused is bounded
And bundled unto the gallows
Its struggle is in vain
No joke is meant
The executioner's hand is set
His keen eyes gauging the neck
The knife goes to work
To achieve the human will

Cries of the prey reverse nothing
The human will has its way
Blood gushes, flows, clots and dries
A chapter of life is closed -
A gory sight to a deep conscience

No defence consul
No protest is made
The judgement is final
No appeal is made
None is expected
The final word is already heard -
"Death to animal, and food to man."

photos from shutterstock.

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