Planning to pack your bags and head to the lands of the desert? Well, having sunscreen won’t be enough; one must take care of the essentials required while travelling to the UAE.
Know the Duration of your Stay

Being aware of the nights you will be spending amongst the seven different Emirates will help you in understanding your overall expenditures and the amount of baggage you might need to carry for a pleasant stay.

However, even more, the crucial significance of the same is seen while applying for your UAE visa: Visa for UAE and nearby places is provided according to the duration of the stay.

Visa By Days

  1. 14 Days Visa

This is a short-term Visa allowing a single-entry and a single-exit. This is the one popular amongst families and couples during vacation periods who wish to visit the UAE for purely tourism purposes.

  1. 30 Day Tourist Visa

A single entry and single-exit visa, the 30 Day Tourist Visa is perfect for people wanting to visit their families during the holidays. Wanting to go urgently in a case of emergency? Visas for UAE have an express option, providing you with a Visa to fly to the UAE as quickly as possible. The Visa is, however, non-extendable.

A 30 Day Tourist Visa costs 164USD, while in case of creating an express visa, an increase in fees can happen...

  1. 90 Day Visit Visa

Costing 500USD, the 90 Day Tourist Visa is usually taken by people who have second homes in UAE. Preferred by people in groups and individuals visiting Arab for long holidays, business projects spanning for two to three months or living there in their second homes.

Visa By Hour

  1. 48 Hour Transit Visa

Having a meeting to attend in UAE and touring for a business trip for the first time? The 48 Hour Transit Visa is perfect for people working in the trade sector with the Emirate Lands. Having a validity of 14 days from the date of issue, it proves beneficial to the ones visiting UAE frequently as well.

  1. 96 Hour Transit Visa

Another beneficial Visa for people travelling for business meetings, the 96 Hour Transit Visa is similar to the 48 Hour Visa, the difference being the duration of the stay. Tourists who require a stop-off day to avoid consecutive flight days, the 96 Hour Visa proves to be the perfect one for them.

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