📷 Photography - In the mountains

It's wonderful to leave the city and be in the mountains.

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Camera: Nikon d80
Lens: Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8
Location: Carpathians (Ukraine)

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Amazing photography! If only you included perhaps descriptions of the scenery or your creative process to reach this final pics and maybe the specs of your camera to achieve these, perhaps we would have voted with a higher percentage. Even so, these are amazing!

07.10.2019 20:16

I thank you for your good advice.

07.10.2019 20:35

Краса! Я також нещодавно був в горах і бачив, як вони парують

09.10.2019 15:03

Особливо після дощу, коли земля тепла

09.10.2019 21:18