Typeearn update: Progressive Web App(PWA) and Users/Token News

Progressive Web App(PWA) enabled

We have been working to improve the site, and we think the PWA would be a nice improvement to enhance user experience. So we created an application software that works like a mobile and desktop app which can be installed on users devices for quick accessibility. As displayed in the screenshot below, the installation is pretty simple and easy. We recommend everyone to try it out and tell us their experiences.

Number of token (TPC) holders

There has been a steady growth on the project since we launched. There hasn't been a day with no user joining the project. We are pretty happy about this, and for today we had the addition of four more users, joined, and hold the Typecoin on their wallet. Currently, 79 people hodl the type coin, and we strongly believe the number will continue to rise. Let's invite our friends to join and have fun.

@typeearn team

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Comments 8

I am a addicted. I absolutely love @typeearnblog and the token. I plan to promote it again with another post soon. I'd be posting my results to steemit but I haven't gotten around to digging up my keys. Any chance it can integrate with steemconnect or keychain at the posting level?

15.10.2019 21:46

Steemconnect is incorporated. We also plan to integrate Steem keychain soon.

15.10.2019 21:49

@typeearnblog when I hit post results to steem, write my post and tag it, it then says to add keys. It won't let me publish the post with steemconnect. Am I doing something wrong?

15.10.2019 22:44

https://discord.gg/CHu7xZp ... Kindly join the discord channel for assistance

15.10.2019 23:02

What js framework are you using guys fro the front end?

16.10.2019 02:57

This post has been included in the 203rd edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

16.10.2019 16:51

Thank you @pennsif

16.10.2019 17:17