My 3 cents on #NFT and are they scam or when / will they die?

So the whole article started as a response to @arturaz post on facebook:

Don't look at #NFTs as technology, judge it as a startup.

It's not about technology, it's about how easy is to sell them on OpenSea (NFTs), integrate it into the games or identify owners and gave them some perks.

Main think it went mainstream, at least among entusiasts.

Metaverse is next step. How cool is to have an #nft #avatar, #wearables and can transfer it between The Sandbox and Decentraland (MANA) and some day maybe Meta

How about showing buying new virtual #NFT Nikies at the fashion street (which was just sold for 2.4 millions in Decentraland (MANA)

Artists also like NFT's cause every time their art is resold they can get a cut from it which is automatically send to them through smart contract.

And that's is only a tip of the iceberg. Only a few people in facebook understand that.

You should go to twitter and discuss their - facebook is dead for blockchain guys -

PS: don't forget it became popular after Cryptopunks price skyrocketed and masses came to make a quick buck.

Same as with #BTC, but look where we are know with blockchain. People came for enthusiasm and a quick buck, but it became most profitable, evolving at highesst pace and attracking best developers and investors

PSS: nothing mention in this thread would be imposible without #NFT. Technology is not so important, for me personally it could all be stored in excel as long as it solves problems and attract masses and brightest developers

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