Other times of photography

Other times of photography

encarna 005a medias.jpg
año 1958

Hello friends, today I am going to talk about other times when photography apart from art was a gadget that many did not understand and believed that they stole your soul
That madman who came out with a wooden box and long legs that hid behind a curtain and ordered them to pose silent and static, ran nineteenth century or so.
IMG_6692 copia.jpg
Canon PowerShot SX730 HS ISO 1000-F3.3-S1/20

Here you can see a wooden box with the objective and a bellows where the photographer put his head and covered.

IMG_6691 copia.jpg
Canon PowerShot SX730 HS ISO 1000-F3.3-S1/20
Then came the cameras they called laptops since you didn't have to carry all that weight.

IMG_7757 copia.jpg
Today in the old market we see many cameras waiting for a collector to discover them.

IMG_6553 copia.jpg
Nowadays they seem like things from another time and place but they will be used until very recently. The same photographer revealed the photos in his dark room with chemicals to maintain and fix that scene that had cost him so much.

IMG_7708 copia.jpg
As time went by the cameras were affordable for normal people and many brands came out a small box in 1930 were the rage and many were sold.

IMG_8041 copia.jpg
In 1950 the first cameras appeared, let's call it compact.

IMG_7950 copia.jpg

IMG_7782 copia.jpg
Here you have a collection of them each more original, they have seen better times, but nowadays they seem obsolete and it was the last generation of their times.

IMG_8066 copia.jpg

IMG_8030 copia.jpg

IMG_6864 copia.jpg
IMG_7861 copia.jpg

IMG_6452 coppia.jpg

IMG_7768 copia.jpg

IMG_6451 copia.jpg
Today we keep photos of those cameras that with the processes of graphic editors we can retouch and improve the passage of time
Here are some examples
encarna 005areglada.jpg

antiguas 008 (2).jpg

antiguas 009AREGLADA (2).jpg
This entry is for the #MarketFriday challenge for our dear friend @dswigle

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Qué tiempos aquéllos, ver estas fotografías resulta, qué duda cabe, una llamada de atención a la nostalgia. Feliz viernes

21.02.2020 13:34

cuantas fotos hay muriéndose en los cajones y son obras de arte
feliz viernes juankar

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no te da vergüenza ser tan pesado creo en lo que creo y creo que tenias que estar fuera

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Hello @txatxy, I really like photography, but I'm not as lucky as you because you can get some of this ancient documentation. Proud of you. waiting for your next post. Blessing

21.02.2020 15:42

hello are treasures saved with love
Happy Friday

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Love those old camera's! I want one :p

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haha are special right? thanks for spending happy friday

21.02.2020 18:48

Hi @txatxy A great post and I do have some of those old cameras in my collection.
I love your photos and the explanations.

21.02.2020 20:41

Old cameras keep track of the flow of time. Today we show respect to this artifact.

21.02.2020 22:04

WOw what a cool post such a great selection of classic cameras

21.02.2020 22:44

WOw what a cool post
Such a great selection of
Classic cameras

                 - tattoodjay

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21.02.2020 22:44

Where was this exhibition? or is it a museum?

22.02.2020 00:08

Oh, my beautiful friend!!! This is such a wonderful post! I love all the care and detail you put into this, showing off old-time photography! This is just fabulous!

This is a wonderful market once again!! You always put together such nice ones. I also appreciate your support of the #MarketFriday tag! I want to thank you for taking the time to put a post together and enter the challenge! I find it fascinating to visit these places that everyone brings me.

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Fantásticas tomas amiga... Pedazo museo fotográfico que nos has mostrado.
Saludos!! :)

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