And my Steemit Begins.

So I just got my account created. Starting to get things figured out. But right now my main concern is what I am going to cover in my blog. I'm thinking my passions would be a good place to start. So for my first post I will tell you what the future holds.

I live my life so so fast. Very often also very forgetful. At least thats what my wife thinks. Mostly though its just cause i'm bi-polar and most of the time I forget/don't take my meds. lol. I think im more creative and such without them. I do live a better more structured life though when i'm on them. But we can talk about bi-polar stuff later.

I wanted to start off with my passion for Drifting and building the cars that make it possible. One thing though that I really do miss in my life is computers aka, Game design and Animation. Its what I have tried to do my whole life. Even went to collage and racked up tons of student loans only to never get a job. With what i spent I could have been a doctor. lol.

Well thats a start. Here are a couple images of me out at the track doing a lil drifting. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for reading!!

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