The GECKO's Lovers

Taken by camera VIVO Y35 2018.

Talking about this unique reptiles has been started for years. I myself have been knowing the issues since 2018. among belive and unbelive, I keep going deep to get invole in any both meeting and discussion. In short words, I am a 'interested in it'.

Then I started to look for the buyer and the owner of gecos as my first journey. No wonder if I always day dreaming of my first sale as well as people in generally do.

Day by day, weeks and month even 1.5 years, I have never met this world of ash. As matter of facts, I had just realizes I was leaving my main job gradually. I am thinking that it doesn't happed to me only buy many and many others ...OMG..

I keep quite in massed up. Lost income, lost job.. and my house hold is a bit distrubed.
These are the reasons why I write and share about GECKO WORLDS.

Actually, I have met and confirmed that there is a real GECKO BUYER and really want to buy it. But the most and big problem I never meet a valid size of GECKO - it is 435mm.

As I wrote on my previous post that to invite buyer we need cash about USD 3.000,- where we called counter buyer. So when the size of GECKO doesn't meet 435mm, means I lose that money.


In Fact, before inviting buyer, actually I my self and team have ensured 100% the size and all condition of GECKO was valid by checking all body - head to tail - as well as measure the GECKO, and it 435mm.

I - we strong belive than we will have good transaction and soon ton of cash will flow to my bank account immediately then the world is ours hahhahah

The dreaming could not be reached out while USD 3.000 said good bye...

Again and again all of us said, the luck has not been in our side, may be next day. So by this thought we keep going.

To be continued....

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