OTHER KIND OF GECKOS, The Most Expenship one. It is USD,-

The most weird snd fantastic price of other GECKOS
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n previous post i wrote based on experieces that the price of GECKO - TOKEK Indonesia language - where they live in housing is about USD 100.000.000 for a single geco.

In this post I would write the reality occurence where there is a different kind of business GECKO. This kind of this GECKO has yelowishcolor. and there are three different grade.

  1. Grade A
  2. Grade B
  3. Grade C

Grade A is full color a bit yellowih
Grade B is head and body has yellowish color while the tail is black and white
Grade C is combination color yellowish, black and white

What I will write here is about price of GECKO grade A. It Reaches USD 200.000.000 for a single GECKO.hat amount convert to Indonesia currency is about: IDR 2.800.000.000.000,- (rates 1USD=IDR14.000) hahahaha LoL

Please search on google or on youtube about this.

Do you belive it? are you interested in?

Next i will post about failure in this transaction/business, who the victemsms, etc! Taken by camera VIVO Y35.
gecos tsell $.jpg
It really blows our MIND, right???? A GECKO fo USD00.000.000,-

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