Gandalf the Grey @gtg (witness)uses buildawhale for personal attacks? On any acc related too.

I made a comment on his acc @gtg about him downvoting conspiracy blogs with no comment..., he than attacks my moms @steeminfobot. Screenshot_20190829-074810_Chrome.jpg.
My mom has not done anything about conspiracys she also hates them. But i thought this missuse of access to @buildawhale needed to be noted, and if you are voting for these 2 witnesses theyll cost ya freespeech. Good luck and goodbye steem...

Really sorry i brought her on here....If you like her content copy it now, as ill be deleting it... @steeminfobot.

gg @gtg

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That's another conspiracy, as I have nothing to do with @buildawhale.

I don't mind conspiracy theories: Steem is the right place for wrong people.
That however doesn't mean that I like BS to be rewarded.
Above is about flat earth. And actually in that case I was just evaluating potential rewards of a user who just flagged me. Nothing unusual.

As for your mom's blog, it's a different story.
First of all I had no idea it's your mom. Second, it was mostly disagreement on rewards for a post heavily boosted with bots.
Moreover, I had doubts that if that was even original content creator, as there's same content on other website where I found no mentions about Steem.

Taking care about rewards pool has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

29.08.2019 05:34

.well downvoting for 320000 sp is really needing of a ok mate...your pathetic...she works very hard to contribute and i promote it...ok ok its your site mate gl with it all... @steeminfobot was attacked randomly?? imidiatly after i call ya out...odd....ok....well if it wasnt you that emailed her than @buildawhale hates her content removes his vote doesnt comment.....

29.08.2019 05:44

you had doubts about the links she links to?? no you attacked me through that account....fuck off titat downvotes....your posts are 500 steem min...he has 500 steem total....dont worry...we'll all be gone...10% off steem sale daily compounding.....

29.08.2019 06:28

What sound does a @twigg make if it snaps and it is in the middle of the burning jungle and there is no-one around to hear it? lol twigg echo?

08.09.2019 08:49

@builawhale , @gtg , @themarkymark , @whatsup , @justineh , @enforcer48 ..........................................................


29.08.2019 09:18

I am on your side man. Believe it or not. Sorry to see this is happening to ya. 100% upvote for ya man. And a resteem.


29.08.2019 09:30

Yup same here @twigg, tides changed 💯 % upvotes for ya!

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29.08.2019 09:41

First off, @gtg has nothing to do with @buildawhale. I don't think he ever used a bid bot in his life.

The post in question was brought up in an anti-spam group as potentially stolen and overrewarded.

I removed the @buildawhale vote and contacted the original author of the site that was copied to verify if it was in fact plagiarized. A practice I do quite often when in doubt. I prematurely removed the @buildawhale vote due to the payout time fast approaching and the high likelihood it was stolen.

I received a confirmation after the fact that it was, in fact, the original author.

Seeing as the post is past the payout window, I can't do anything about the vote removal but I will refund the 20 Steem used to promote it.

The flag from @gtg is still valid as he is free to use his stake as he pleases and if he disagrees with the rewards, that is well within his power as a stakeholder. I considered it myself but my primary concern was to verify the content was not stolen.

29.08.2019 14:31

Ok mate. I got my mom on steem as she writes good content...My Mistake. She and I won't drag down the blockchain with such flagrantly none witness basef content. Good luck all.

29.08.2019 16:38

@gtg responded to a comment i made with this attack on my moms account.....nothing about the content on its a good lesson for other people to see thanks for responding

29.08.2019 16:39

"The flag from @gtg & @anyx is still valid as they are free to use their stake as they please and if they disagree with the rewards, that is well within their power as a stakeholder. I considered it myself but my primary concern was to verify the content was not stolen."

Well still she deserved a comment when 2 witnesses are downvoting her for 300+k.

29.08.2019 16:43