Undoubtedly the effect of COVID19 is unprecedented across the globe. As many are confronted by the volatile, uncertain, complexed and ambiguous situation, I like to offer a few points for their consideration. And I like to use “PRIME” as an acronym for my sharing.

“P” reminds us to Presume that we may lose our stable job anytime. Such presumption alerts us to do early preparation or make changes necessary just in case we are losing our job. If we wait until we lose our job then only do we start to source for a solution, it may be too late even for damage control.

“R” stands for Reset. Anytime that we sense that the present approach is no longer viable as before, it’s a time for a Reset. It means a need to change our strategy if we want to continue to be relevant.

“I” represents Innovative. It is certainly vitally important to be innovative in a fast changing society or during an unstable time. Being Innovative doesn’t necessarily imply the ability to start something completely new. It could mean taking two existing items and blend them together to become a new product. For example, when physical gathering is limited to a small number of participants inside a room, then hybrid meeting is a combination of physical as well as digital approaches.

“M” implies Mentor. It is perhaps now is a time to mentor people to be your business partners. In a competitive society, it is better to raise up partners than creating combating rivals. Working together does help everyone to accomplish more than your individual achievement.

“E” stands for Easily-manageable. During a wide spread of internet users, people tend to be doing their works wherever and whenever possible. They also tend to be using decentralised approach. Hence, whatever approach or strategy you have adopted, it is more viable if it is Easily-manageable.


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