My Laptop Was In Trouble, Restored It And Fixed It Till The Midnight

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My laptop is not only a device to me, its my love of life. I love and take care of my device more that I take care myself. So whenever my device fall into trouble I feel palpitations and that happened to me last night.

Trust me my eyes are burning as I didn't have enough sleep last night. Some of my applications like photoshop, illustrator, premier pro and almost all adobe apps crushed and need to reinstall them. Browsers also fixed today in the morning. I wish to have a peaceful sleep after seeing my laptop perfectly alright.

In this lockdown of corona its not possible to go to the doctor of my device, I mean the repairing store. So I'm praying to my Allah that the problem fix asap. Almost fixed but need to collect data and restore some. I feel ill or sick when my device act up this way.

Mostly hang the big applications when I run it. To fix this trouble I have researched a lot in the internet, read many blogs on it and solved 60% of my trouble and the 40% will be fixed asap hopefully.

My device is my life and it is near to my heart. Not only my laptop but also my other gadgets like smartphone and others. These devices were purchased by my own money of doing freelancing jobs. That's not the reason of loving my gadgets.

Every people have a favorite thing in life and I'm not alter of that, my gadgets collections are my most favorite thing and I take care of it as much I can. Now my gadgets are also the source of my income so these needs certainly extra care. My old gadgets were also helpful to me to earn money and I feel my gadgets are also the blessing of Almighty Allah. Its my responsibility to take care of my device.

My laptop is approximately 1.5 years old and I wish to use it for long time. I don't want any unexpected thing happen to it and my work may get hampered. I have gifted my old laptop to my niece as I don't like to sell my beloved device to anyone for money. Honestly, I love my laptop and other gadgets like my own children and I want to be a good mother of my gadgets.

As a caring mother I take care of my children and wish they never fall sick. Gadgets may have no feeling as a material thing but I have a heart and my heart fall in love. I may update my gadgets but I never stop loving them. May my laptop get well soon 100% and I wish it never fall into trouble.

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Have a nice day ahead !