Message From The Heaven, Need To Follow In Life

Time for the story of the heavenly mother's child. But I think your beautiful stories are for my little girl
The city of Melbourne sees you in "Dandenong National Park" a very large park I saw this part of the tree.

My little girl was only six at the time. She was walking along the narrow path of the park holding my hand and talking to me. As she walked I saw a beautiful tree called "Creep Myrtle" which looked almost like a black peak. The girl asked me, "Baba, do You want this tree to be in your garden in the heaven? ”

I looked at my daughter with a deep love and fascination. I wondered if she wanted such a beautiful tree in my paradise garden. I immediately said, "Of course I want dear daughter." When she heard my answer, she said, "Then say, 'SubhanAllah.

I also said, "SubhanAllah."
This time the girl is going to say in her own way. Do you know, Dad, if you see a beautiful tree or a flower and say "SubhanAllah-ha", then the angels will immediately sow the seeds of a tree of the same kind for you in heaven. One day I will be able to go to heaven and see it.

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I was a little surprised, so?
The girl insisted, "Yes, Dad, our teacher Miss Umna has told us this."
You know, Dad, I've decided to pick five thousand trees from the beautiful trees on the road or in the park and say, "SubhanAllah."

I want to have a big garden in heaven, surrounded by these beautiful five thousand trees I will be very beautiful to see, right dad?
I was fascinated and tried to imagine the scene, then I said, "Yes, daughter, it will be very beautiful."

Hearing the question, I hid my tear-soaked eyes and looked at the sky and said, "I will come, father, Insha Allah."
I really wanted to see that day, my daughter's paradise and the garden of her imagination
I thought a lot about this girl later.

I tried to find out why her Turkish teacher Miss Umna said that! After reading out of curiosity, I found out that there is another story behind this story!
After our Prophet (peace be upon him) came from Miraj, one day he said to everyone, "Do you know that I saw our father Ibrahim (peace be upon him) in Miraj?"

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Everyone asked with great interest, "O Messenger of Allah, tell us, where did you meet and what did you talk to?" The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “On the way back I saw him. He saw me and said, 'Greet my people first.' There will be a good harvest but for the harvest they have to sow the seeds in the earth.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, "I will tell them about you." Then Ibrahim (AS) said, "I will tell you about three very valuable seeds. I will tell your ummah about these three seeds. The three seeds are, After knowing the hadith, I came to know and understand the story of my daughter.

Looking at the lonely night sky, I say "SubhanAllah" and express my love to all the beauties of this world. I say "Alhamdulillah" and express my deep gratitude for what I have got in this life and give up all greed and arrogance and say in the language of surrender. Allah-hu Akbar. ” As soon as I look up at the night sky and say these three words, I feel as if a light from heaven grips me from a galaxy in the distant sky.

These three words are very powerful as I personally experienced. This was a touching story which connected to real life and its a real story, Hope all will realize the morality of it.

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