Consoling Oneself When Attending Office On Weekend

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Legends says, 'He who works on Sundays is a happy man. The most successful expression of happiness is 'smile'. Laughter should also be an expression of sorrow and grief.

Scholar Shawkat Osman sir wrote in his very last line of his novel 'Slave's Smile', 'Smile is the echo of the soul'. So I am expressing the joy of the soul with a smile on my face and in the midst of suffering with a smile.

I'm in trouble, it's not a matter of saying or showing off. Every trouble is a lesson for people. This lesson helps us to be wise. That's what Franklin said, 'After suffering and loss, people become humble and wise'. It seems that just to be humble and wise, one should be able to endure billions upon billions of cusecs of suffering in an instant.

Actually I believe if you are suffering, it is not suffering at all, because after suffering, if someone's path to welfare is more open, can it be suffering?

If you have lost something, you are going to get something more beneficial, then what can be called loss? Allah (God) has said in the Holy Qur'an, "There must be relief with every hardship."

In other words, you are getting relief from every hardship as a reward. So what could be more beneficial than enduring temporary hardships! The mentality of enduring worldly visible hardships is the only regulator of our invisible relief rewards.

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