#SPUD4STEEM WITH #CLUB5050 - Only 2 Days left until 1st November, Prepare Yourself.

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Are You All Ready...?

Only 2 days left for you to join the #SPUD4STEEM Contest, For this November #SPUD4STEEM will join #club5050.
Prepare yourself. It's getting close to 1st November. Are you ready...? Don't miss this opportunity...!!!
We, only have 2 days left of our Power Up Contest competition for the next round. Now the #SPUD4STEEM Contest which has a huge prize pool of 28,500 SP.

First place winner gets 11,000 SP delegate prize, Second prize 7,000SP, Third prize 5,000SP, Fourth prize 3,000SP and Fifth prize 2,500SP. All the rewards are huge by getting Steem Power Delegate for 21 days. Many things will you be able to do with the addition of a few thousand of this Steem Power ?



The #SPUD4STEEM Power Up Competition is great for you to take part in this contest. Especially with the addition of the #club5050 Tag that you can use. Just add the Tag #club5050 to your post when there is a Power Up to join the #SPUD4STEEM contest later on 1st November.

The #club5050 program is an important program as a strategy from Steemit, to grow the Steem economy and will be an important key in the Community Support Program on November. The #club5050 program is very good for all of us, you should support it. 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪


<cenfore you take part in this contest on 1st November, you must make a one-time post to campaign the #SPUD4STEEM contest, by screenshot the amount of Steem in your Wallet, as in the example ale above my Wallet.</centeScreenshot_2021-04-27-01-26-56-74.jpg



These amazing #SPUD4STEEM sponsors know the importance of Power Up Steem - Be like them :


Thus this information for all of you about the Power UP #SPUD4STEEM Contest this November, as your preparation to take part in this contest.

I hope yope you and me get a chto win this Contest. Thanks to @kiwiscanfly and and All Sponsors for the activities of this Contest. Thanks You also to all Steemians Friends who want to visit and support me. I hope you all are always happy with Steem to Better Life.

I personally will do a big POWER UP of around 1und 195 SBD or more add the Steem I bought in my Walletme to make Steem Powm Power and join on this #SPUD4STEEM, 1st Nov. This is an estimate of the total amount of S of SBD and Steem that I hollected for more than 2 months including several times I have purchased Steem and SBD as my investment in Steemit. As long as I am active on Steemit, I have never made a disbursement or transfer of SBD out of Steemit. So later on 1st November I will Power UP all SBD in my wallet to become Steem Power to support the #club5050 campaign. Hopefully the Steemit Team will support me. Thanks You to the STEEMIT Team for supporting us so far.

Steem for Better Life

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As a member of the #SPUD4STEEEM Sponsors


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Mantap sekali pak @tucsond semoga ke depan nya saya siap untuk Melakukan nya hehe



30.10.2021 16:16

Ok Mantap, persiapkan diri Anda untuk partisipasi dalam kontes ini. Terima Kasih atas kunjungannya.

30.10.2021 17:42

Ready partner, I am also ready to turn on, may the steem go to infinity.



31.10.2021 09:52

Very Good My Friend, this is a great idea. Thanks You for Your Support.

31.10.2021 10:35