The Cat in a Tub is celebrating becoming a Cat-Dolphin hybrid - and needs good content to vote on

Tub Cat is now a Cat-Dolphin Hybrid. And needs good quality content to curate.

Please post accounts that a Cat in a Tub might like to follow, keeping in mind that the Permanently Well Washed Cat despises content created by Unwashed Humans and Tub Dogs.

Links to Washed Humans Accounts only!

Don’t be a Tub Dog.

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What kind of "good quality content" does a tubcat like?

Mixed bag off the top of my head:

  • @veryspider for art (and also insane community spirit)
  • @internutter for flash fiction
  • @midlet for art interspersed with steem meta (though occasionally it feels the other way round XD)
  • @tarazkp for philosophical ramblings tied in with meta who also comes with an adorable mini-human who always looks very washed despite being a mini-human
  • @nonameslefttouse for art and highly entertaining life and meta commentary
  • @meesterboom for ability to turn mundanity into comedy gold (I even read his beer reviews and I don't like beer)
  • @ammonite makes temporary sculptures out of sand and ice and stuff and also documentaries which are not temporary

Okay so maybe it's not quite as mixed as I thought but I do kind of have an art focus ^_^;

11.10.2019 01:24

Good suggestions, human with Steemit handle that resembles a reasonable Cat’s worst nightmare.

Tub Cat shall inspect and follow accordingly.

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11.10.2019 02:46

Given the sounds I've heard from the resident cats I thought my nym would be pretty easy for a cat XD

12.10.2019 03:18

Hey he won't give you much competition in the tub department but three days in and I think with a bit of a prayer and promise highlighting kitties next time I do a animal theme could get you a little passed the bias and give me a upvote to save from post from dust....

15.10.2019 07:18

Congratulation @tubcat for becoming such a cute hybrid :)

16.10.2019 06:52

Cute? Cute?? Human, go take a bath!

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16.10.2019 20:37

Welcome back 💚
My latest post was recorded quite late at night, but I did shower, that morning 😎

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20.10.2019 04:25

You didn’t have a bath?

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20.10.2019 04:49

Learn to adapt to Climate Change or die @TubCat.

03.11.2019 13:54