After yesterday's post from @fleur I will tell you my thoughts!

  1. yes, i vote my comments (so my votes don't get lost)
  2. at the beginning i voted every post with 100% (then i saw that most of the NATRL were sold on Steem-Enging, almost no NATRL were powered up, and the price fell rapidly)
  3. yes, i sold NATRL too!

However, I am of the opinion that if this Tribe should remain, and I hope that, must change something:

  1. i will upvote good posts much higher in the future!
  2. i will vote my comments further on
  3. the NATRL I earn by voting myself will be sent to @null to be burned, hopefully raising the price again
  4. but I always reserve the right to sell a vote circle per week

So, now dear @fleur, I hope I can convince you that you stay here, and we together @naturalproducts make great!

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“Life is short and the world is wide...” 💡

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15.09.2019 21:25

@ttg, A change always bring huge change in results. Good luck and keep up the good work.

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15.09.2019 23:46

Let's support good post. I believe you can do this. :)

16.09.2019 11:22

It is very important to remind The NaturalProducts Community about the guidelines to create the posts in NaturalProducts. And I do believe this platform will be a nice place for communities.

16.09.2019 12:04

Seems to me this Tribe would benefit a LOT from being actively promoted/introduced to people in the Steem "Homesteading" community... which is pretty large and quite active. I think #homesteading would be a very "complementary" tag to build and strengthen this Tribe. It's a lovely idea so far, but judging by how few posts come through the "new" feed," it really doesn't get seen very much.

If you look at this:

Fewer than 500 accounts are staked... that's not a lot to support an "active" tribe. Of course, things take time, I know that!

16.09.2019 17:37

the NATRL I earn by voting myself will be sent to @null to be burned

That should be done automatically, someone votes on comment: 50% goes to @nulll
I wonder if steem-engine is able to provide option like that

17.09.2019 17:01

So, all this took place while we were out of the country and had very limited access. @fleur we have chatted with @ttg and believe his intentions towards the community have been directionally correct. As you can see from this post he is here to support and has indicated a change. He's also burning a lot of his earned NATRL that will help the coin value in the long run. Hopefully we see you back posting and interacting amongst the community.

Definitely a lot of support from the community as you can see.

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25.09.2019 19:43

“Directionally correct” or a fig leaf and ultimately self-serving? The spam comments and excessive self-upvoting have not stopped I see and have put me off this community I’m afraid.💭

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25.09.2019 22:07