My eleven-year old told me, grandma's crying..

..wants to die, can't die. One of the impressive things about the King James is Revelation. It talks about people who want to die but cannot die. Then they said, they hid in the rocks and asked the rocks to fall on them. Not a pretty picture. you
My dad passed 2014; 80 strong years on earth, 3 years not so strong. Both my parents used to getting things their way. I guess my mom felt she would be leaving soon after dad. That has not been the case. She can dress herself, she takes her own bath, she cooks her own food. She is not showing God she's ready to go. She just gets sad about it..and cries. you
Dad was a little different. Congestive heart failure meant his heart could no longer pump fluids up from his legs. He would swell up in the winters, and medicine would take fluid away in the Florida spring leaving his legs then the rest of his body, skeleton thin. He died thinking he would get more time.

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