2011-2015 My personal hell

A transference of wealth

2011 Wife got laid off ( 15-year Fed Ex employ)
2012 near death car accident, broken left rib
2012 coronary (the widow maker) five stents
2014 Dad passed away
2015 Mom came to live with us..

Since 2015, made up a fixed number for mom to contribute to rent.
Rent is $400 more than mortgage. 2008 foreclosure. Now the roaches come in like field mice used to.. What? But when mom feels like it, she lets only son make occasional small purchases. Now trips to the liquor store don't set off bells and whistles with wife. Receipts go back to mom.

Isn't it interesting how 2015-present make 2011-2015 look like, What was that all about?

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