Building in London UK


To be honest I couldnt even understand what this building represented, however I liked this corner and I captured it.

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What is the name of that tube station ? Nice picture :)

01.10.2019 19:01

Hi, thanks for the vote and the comment, unfortunately sometime I just make random photo and I'm not really good with names..... Moreover I took this photo in 2014 so I really don't remember where I was precisely. But I'll tell you if I find out :)

01.10.2019 20:48

What an interesting building looks like there were multiple architects and a little bit of the style of each one to me LOL

01.10.2019 22:09

Yeah, I'm not really into architecture, however I saw very peculiar building in London, however one of my favorite building is the dancing house in Prague, if I find a photo of my last travel I ll post it 😊

01.10.2019 23:09

Cool I am not expert on architecture either, I just know what catches my eye LOL
Would be cool to see the dancing house Posted with

01.10.2019 23:21