From Segregation To Reconnection!


A show of power
leading to the desire
to exploit and dominant.

The stories of our time, are full of figures of authority, of figures that wish to suppress and dominant.
Where so many voices are made silent by the ones who rule and stand in power.

A game of manipulation, of new creation, where the many hear only what they are meant to hear.
Words now twisted, so that what once held great power, is now seen as derogatory or used to induce fear and segregation.

Segregation from self, no longer trusting our intuition and instead believing all that is worth knowing can only be taught to us.
Allowing others to lead the way, to instruct us on how we should life and even play.

Segregation from one another, using class and race and sex as a means to elevate some and disregard others.
Have we forgotten where we have come from,, that we too are animals, that we share this world with so many other sentient beings.
Have we forgotten our place within this world, our connection to nature.

Those in power would have us believe that we are here to dominant over other life forms, whilst they dominant over us. Creating this cycle of oppression and destruction, a cycle that we become a part of.

Forgetting that we are already part of a natural cycle. We are a part of nature.

But sever that connection and we become lost. Searching for a way in which we can feel connected to something, feel a part of something.
So the idea of religion, class, race and sex and politics are brought into play. Suddenly we have others that we can connect with, because we are told that they are the same as us. Now we no longer need feel alone, feel disconnected.

But this has come at a huge price, this has cost us the greatest disconnection of all.

It is all too easy now, to turn the other way, to ignore what is right in front of our noses. Suddenly, if it is not by your hands, then it is not your problem. None of your business. So we live our lives, feeling connected to those who we are told are 'our kind'.

The power of the media, the words they use to dominant and manipulate. To induce fear. Where certain words, are turned into labels and suddenly carry with them a huge amount of emotional associations, that when one hears them they then project those negative associations onto what is being expressed. Words that at one time represented the power of the human spirit. Revolutionary, radical, cunt, to name but a few.

Words to segregate, to further divide and demoralize.

But times are changing, new stories are being written and old wisdom’s are being reinstated. We are learning to listen again.

Listen to ourselves, listen to our ancestors and listen to the earth on which we have the greatest connection of all. Listening and observing, growing and evolving. Remembering who we are and where we have come from.

Finally listening to those who never forgot. Finally finding our way back to ourselves.


Here we stand,on the edge of time,
everywhere we look,
holds the opportunity, to broaden our minds,
To start each day, with an open heart.
to allow our instincts, to play their part,
in guiding our direction, so that we relearn,
finally allowing our true self to return.
No longer hiding
behind these illusions anymore
living in concrete
our bare feet off the floor.
We need to reconnect,
to recharge,
and protect,
the many roots,
that we send deep into the earth
allowing ourselves
to finally reconnect,
to re empower
and embody our self worth.

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Here's to reconnecting as part of the natural world! Beautifully said!
Time to listen -

Listen to ourselves, listen to our ancestors and listen to the earth on which we have the greatest connection of all.

11.02.2020 23:59

thank you @porters xxx

13.02.2020 16:20