The 31 Sentence Contest: Round 15

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First Blood!

28.02.2020 03:45

I don't know how much time is left. I'm gonna try to get my post for this out today, but I lost a writing day yesterday to Justin Sun's maneuver and I'm sure others did too.

03.03.2020 08:06

On second thought after checking discord, it looks like we are fully at war with Justin Sun.

03.03.2020 11:20

I've just been turned onto this as I haven't been writing that much myself. Sonme people are still having problems posting period. You still have plenty of time to post because I didn't get the contest out until about 5 p.m. (est). Let me know if you are having issues, if we can still leave comments.

03.03.2020 18:42

I've been busy fighting on twitter all day. I'm sorry, this takeover was too important. We have 4 real witnesses back at the top!

03.03.2020 22:06