A Blind ... Card Magician!? 🤔

What Richard Turn does... appears to be almost impossible. But if we consider the fact that he is blind, then it is even more astonishing and mind blowing!!! 🤯

This guy is a legend in the Magicians circle and he doesn't even consider himself to be a Magician. Richard calls himself... a Card Mechanic.

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Please watch this performance of him at the Penn & Teller show, where he leaves both the audience and the hosts completely dumbfounded:

Now... I can't even begin to comprehend how this guy did that. And to be frank, maybe it's best that I don't know, so that the trick doesn't lose its magic. 😉

Read more about him at Wikipedia.

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Incredible that a blind man can do all that :)

11.05.2020 12:34

It's quite surreal. 🙃

11.05.2020 20:47

why do I have a feeling that you're moonlighting as a card mechanic? hahahahahaha

17.05.2020 08:44