TribeSteemUp's Weekly Gems (Week of the 6th to the 13th January)

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We've not only moved to Hive, but we've re-named ourselves as well.

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Some truly beautiful content this week - passionate, precise and very personal. Love it. Kudos to you @trucklife-family for you endless generosity of spirit with the curation. Standing ovation.

Leading the curation trail for both @ecotrain & @eco-alex.
Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.

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14.01.2020 08:10

thanks so much @artemislives I do love taking the time to go through and read what everyone writes, we are a very diverse and creative tribe with so much wisdom amongst us all xxx

14.01.2020 12:50

It is a Community Abundance Generator which supports authors who write posts and create videos that look at ways in which we can become more empowered and create a more peaceful and free world.The authors that were chosen to become part of the TribeSteemUp community are all writing content of high quality, which are based on the following topics:

| Anarchy | Non-Violence | Philosophy | Veganism | Mindfulness |
| Community Empowerment | Love | Original Music | Esotericism |
| Healthy Recipes | Psychedelics | Truth | Permaculture |

Sounds good!

I just stopped by to try and figure out why you were giving me such BIG upvotes!



14.01.2020 21:32

This account follows the @informationwar curation trail with a 5% vote, and IW is voting on your content :-)

15.01.2020 03:24