Original photo, no filter. Over the weekend I decided to take a walk downtown by one of the local beaches. After popping into one of the cafes for a quick bite to eat I continued my stroll. It looks like the city had a bunch of new trees and flowers planted recently, in fact I saw a few people hard at work preparing pots getting them filled with soil. There were a bunch of yellow and pink colors but what stuck out to me the most were these orange ones you see displayed here. I had to move quick because the boardwalk was packed so I crouched down to focus in and this is what I came up with, what you're viewing here. These were in the perfect spot to grow big and tall, right by the water, directly under the sun and it looks like the city has a crew to help maintain the new developments down here. Over the coming weeks I'll hit the boardwalk more often.

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Beautiful flower...Please check my blog..

13.04.2021 17:24