EOS Airgrab worth over $60! How to claim inside (must have genesis account)!

How to Claim $60 EOS Airgrab!First thing you will want to do is head over to https://eostoolkit.io/. After heading there, sign in using scatter.

Once you're signed in, navigate to the airdrops section (highlighted in blue on the left side of image below).

When you get to the Airgrab page, click on the pink "Airgrab" button for the SOV token. At the time of posting this token is worth over $60 on Newdex or ~18 EOS if you sell it right away!


About the SOV token.

SOV is a first of its kind digital asset. Unlike typical fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, SOV has a 3 phase, 21 stage variable deflation schedule. The first phase is designed for accumulators, the second for hodlers, and the third for everyday users. SOV can trade in the thousands of TPS on Decentralized Exchanges with unbreakable encryption due to the EOSIO Blockchain Protocol.

I decided to sell right away while the price is high. The token is deflationary so the price could go up. However, I don't really see a value or use case in it personally.

P.S. If you'd like to donate one or two of those EOS for the tip, I would appreciate it and it goes towards a good cause. :)

upport Me & My Charity

If you'd like to help support me, any donations in Steem or SBD are GREATLY appreciated. 50% of donations go to a small personal charity project I started less than a year ago. I buy and restore lower end computers using various Linux distro's to give to less fortunate kids and families (I have given away 7 to-date!). The other 50% is put towards funding my various projects.You may also donate using one of the currencies below:

BTC: 13ymKo2NDKnfYQcH13aKv5HaAnCPrAa7Vx
BCH: qrayawp5zgemg9judwjfvkhr7nvfudrrg5g4t0zlrx
DOGE: DAp31VrRfZVJxYkCpx2yk5ckWF312s12sDLb2
EOS: treepieoswal
ETH: 06E202Dd9c87F5d19000173fa29E6dC3fac4637
LOKI: LTcPRdLXYnf5KLWDhycbXRYR3d2eqzWSBMSYg1vxRRymjcrFCuQ7gMvJyiyvcHKErRdJ2MB3m2mG9ahrPp1M1qh1Gdeh49E
NANO: nano_3x5aosenpm7gkm57rz5psjot7e34ch8d4h3fs3ky9csmut38qjabaxitydyu
XMR: 4B7YCMkMhkpfH1zcZ5fMcsVFBGFT8uhZ2bxRBWAGDq2jVT6REjedbTUCGqp2ihkf1F8DNHY5hkvxNcjrby33JPMJFM6Hq4N

If you have an old laptop or desktop you would like to donate, leave a comment and we can figure out contact details or you can contact me via Loki Messenger using my public key below!

I'm always looking for new projects and collaborations. If you are interested and would like to get in touch with me, please do so via Loki Messenger using my public key: 052825837b9e8932e614b3195afba511dcdcb8de27ca30202840388ec8f14c6328

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